Transperth ticketing system awarded 5-star rating


Transperth ticketing system (intranet)

Releasing its latest research findings, national consumer research company Canstar has declared Transperth the winner of its Most Satisfied Customers City Trains award for the fifth time.

Transperth scored six five-star ratings, one of which was for the ticketing system which was managed by Delairco Bartrol, a branch of Downer Engineering, using Wayfarer, now Parkeon, smartcard technology and continues to be maintained by Downer’s Next Generation Technologies business NGT.

Appointed by the WA Public Transport Authority (PTA) to install a new ticketing system in 2003, Downer first undertook a detailed design process to fully understand business and passenger needs including the overall passenger experience.

Next Generation Technologies General Manager, David Humphreys, said the Downer team worked closely with the PTA to undertake a detailed design review process. Uniquely, this included a Downer facilitated business review analysis which married and optimised the PTA's significant customer research program, Transperth’s fare regime business rules, technical requirements, service requirements and transition.

The outcome was a well-researched, genuinely patron and stakeholder focused design specification, which was renegotiated into the final contract. The review also focused on ensuring product and patron process simplification, and provided a sound underpinning for the strongly collaborative transition strategy and supporting stakeholders marketing and education program.

The collaborative review laid the foundation for not only a highly reliable and innovative 'best of breed ' solution, but also very high stakeholder acceptance and an industry-leading minimisation of patron and operator dislocation.

The Transperth ticketing system was rolled out in 2007 and was the first multi-modal system in Australia operating across bus, rail and ferry.

“Our long-standing relationship with the PTA has enabled us to deliver a number of high-tech solutions including new systems for the Perth Busport which was opened in July 2016,” said David.

“We were proud to deliver the successful roll-out of Transperth’s SmartRider ticketing system in 2007 and the Integrated Ticket Vending Machines deployed in 2009, as well as the ongoing management and maintenance of these systems. We value the opportunity to work with the PTA and are very pleased to see the ticketing system achieve the 5-star rating from Canstar.”

For more information visit the WA PTA website.